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La Bicicletteria Italiana

Via Fiorentima, 234

52100 Arezzo

P.IVA: 02135480511


Our working and life philosophy is quite simple:
We overhaul and prepare bike suspensions and this makes us feel good! We have been doing this for more than ten years now, we have been one of the very first ANDREANI centers in the bike sector, since 2014.
Our technicians, over the years and still today, are committed to satisfying the requests of professional bike riders and teams (DMT Racing, Torpado Factory, Torpado Sudtirol, Team Fristads Comes DSB, Team Fuma Racing Downhill, Lithuanian National Team) who compete in all the most important international theaters in the world, followed them AND FOLLOW THEM, with our MOBILE WORKSHOP, a van equipped with everything necessary to carry out all types of interventions on the suspensions, around the world, in the XC world cup , in the DOWNHILL world cup, in the MARATHON cup and in the EWS.
This type of experience in the field has allowed us and allows us to find the right setting for your bike suspensions, the right balance in the functioning of your full-suspension bicycles and riding comfort and safety that will finally make your bikes perform well.
In this section we refer in particular to the suspension of your bicycle, whatever type it is: xc, ebike, all mountain, enduro, freeride, downhill.

Welcome to SST Suspension , your ultimate destination for suspension maintenance, overhaul, set up and customization:

Cross, Enduro, Maxi Enduro, Dual.

Like every story,
everything comes from a passion, from a hobby,
which over time turns into a profession

For 40 years in the OFF ROAD world, first as a Cross practitioner and now (20 years) of Enduro , I have dedicated myself in the last 10 years to developing calibrations, testing them personally, testing new components. In the last 2 years, thanks to the use of telemetry , I have managed to collect real data on the behavior of the suspensions. I was thus able to create a Set Up DATA BASE that allows me to optimize your suspensions to the maximum, based on your needs, driving styles, types of routes, from amateurs to professionals.

All this allows you to raise awareness of your driving, improve performance and reduce energy waste. Each suspension is prepared according to the information provided to us, the first Step of our work, in fact, is a real analysis of the Rider, of the motorbike, of the problems he encounters, in order to then be able to intervene and customize the suspensions according to the request.

There is no magic maximum SET UP

comfort and maximum performance:

it's all a balance!!!

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