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ktm exc 2024

Up grade


WP XACT 48 2024
All KTM enduro bikes are equipped with WP XACT closed cartridge forks.
The closed cartridge fork offers consistent performance and reduces foaming. The addition of the new Hydrostop, active in the last 68 mm of travel, is very effective in hard landings.
Compression and rebound adjustments are made via adjusters that do not require any equipment.

We have developed various calibrations that satisfy all types of pilots and uses.


OPEN CARTRIDGE fork has undergone upgrades from the parent company since its birth.
Fork with excellent sensitivity but with too much gap between low and high sinking speeds, which is why you often feel the blow on your arms when you hit a dry obstacle, especially when the fork is extended.
Much criticized by many users, with the customization of the calibration it turns out to be a good compromise between comfort and performance.

WP Xplor fork cartridge pump kit (compression side):
the application of the new compression piston group allows effective control over the suspension sinking speed.
Thanks to the response sensitivity, it is possible to set personalized settings (via the external register) for use on enduro tracks or cross circuits.
The Kit includes:
piston support made of steel with adjustment pin
ERGAL piston with hard oxide coating
specific slat calibration
PTFE segment

Video explanation at the following link: WP XPLOR pumping kit

Specific kit for WP XPLOR forks. The Kit allows the transformation of the standard cartridges
from asymmetrical to symmetrical operation thanks to new valves and supports.
The basic valve supports (compression) made entirely of ERGAL have adjustable by-passes (external adjusters with click screw).
The Kit includes pistons (+ supports) for rebound flow control and a new locking cylinder for the cartridge (ex-compression side).
The advantages in terms of performance compared to the standard configuration are notable, especially the wide range of adjustments and damping
more fluid and progressive on all types of tracks.

ktm exc 2024wp-xplor-kit-pompante.jpegwp-xplor-kit-upgrade.jpegwp-lucidatura-stelo.jpegkit-racing-paraoli-rasapolvere-wp.jpeglevel-up-fork-wp-xplor.jpegup-grade-compression-wp-xplor-copia.jpegwp-xplor.jpeglevel-up-fork-wp-xplor.jpegtuning-wp-xplor.jpegpersonalizzazione-wp-xplor.jpegpistone-sx-fork-wp-xplor.jpegpersonalizzazione-wp-wplor.jpegtaratura-wp-xplor.jpegup-grade-wp-xplor-gas%20gas.jpegottimizzazione-wp-xplor.jpegfork%20wp%2048%20xact.jpeg


The shock is entirely new, the DCC is now fully adjustable by hand (low and high speed), as is the rebound.

The ultimate solution to solve various issues and achieve the maximum:

46 WP XPlor Piston Kit KTM EXC 2024.

KIT designed to revolutionize your riding experience with superior performance. This piston kit is designed to offer unprecedented benefits that will increase control and maneuverability of your KTM off-road.

KTM EXC TPI  150/250/300  2024
KTM EXC-F SIX DAYS 250/350/450/500   2024
KTM EXC-F 350/450/500   2024


Main features: IMPROVES BUMP ABSORPTION: improved shock absorption capabilities to tackle rough terrains effortlessly. ENHANCED HYDRAULIC CONTROL: improved hydraulic control for precise handling.

BETTER DRIVING FEEL: improved feedback and responsiveness for a more intuitive riding experience. Benefits: Experience smoother rides with reduced impact from bumps and potholes. Gain better control over your KTM's suspension system, allowing for more precise adjustments. Enjoy a greater sense of connection with your bike, resulting in increased safety and performance. Improve your riding experience with the 2024 WP PDS PISTON KIT and feel the difference in every ride.


-Ergal piston like the shock body, therefore adapts to the tube during temperature changes avoiding operational variations during use.
Increased oil flow through the piston to maintain lower temperatures.
Friction-resistant piston ring with a design tailored to adapt to the various expansions of the tube.
Customized calibration, compression, rebound, second piston and high speeds.
The piston is much lighter being a component that is part of a system that operates in alternating motion.
In addition to this complete piston kit, we also recommend the Bladder Kit for further bump absorption.

-WP KTM 2024 ENDURO High and Low Speed Compression Kit
High and Low speed compression cap modification kit for 2024 WP KTM shocks.
Replaces the original adjustment cap that is much less sensitive to interventions.


KTM EXC TPI  150/250/300  2024
KTM EXC-F SIX DAYS 250/350/450/500   2024
KTM EXC-F 350/450/500   2024

MONO WP XPLOR 2017-2023

Mono shock mounted in KTM Enduro bikes, is technically different from the sisters with LINK.
You can achieve a good result with the optimization of the standard setting but there are some UP-GRADE that make it truly excellent for all uses.

-Piston replacement with one in ERGAL machined from solid with surface covering of hard oxides, optimized oil passage shapes.

- Compression register replacement:

The valve group made entirely of ERGAL
optimizes compression control at high and low frequencies thanks to the increased fluid passage sections:
the adjustment on the inner screw acts on slow fluids, the register on the external hexagon on fast fluids.
The extreme sensitivity in response allows for easy customization of the suspension adapting it to all types of tracks.

Additional benefits offered by the double adjustment valve:

increased traction;
better absorption of roughness;
progressive increase and damping;
greater thermal stability (consistent behavior even with significant temperature changes)

-BLADDER KIT to transform the oil-gas separation system from a version with a separator to a version with a deformable membrane.
Specially designed to reduce friction generated by gaskets on moving separators, the system optimizes shock smoothness giving the rider greater sensitivity to traction.
The final effect of the modification is particularly noticeable in Enduro off-road use.

The KIT consists of:

Anodized aluminum cylinder with low roughness surfaces;
High-density rubber membrane (bladder) (H-NBR compound);
Gas cap with membrane support made of anodized aluminum
Stainless steel stop ring.

-WP Extension Register:
New adjustment screw for WP mono-shocks as a replacement for the original one.

The stainless steel register increases the adjustment range on the hydraulic extension brake. The spare part is particularly suitable for XPLOR series shocks.



The after-market XPLOR PRO 6500 cartridge from WP, (can be mounted on the Xplor) uses CLOSED CARTRIDGE technology, it is a closed system that reduces friction, keeps damping constant and improves reactivity.

Although it is a very good product, it comes with standard calibration, which often does not meet your needs.

Also tested directly in the field, we have developed dedicated calibrations for each type of use.

For the first time in a KTM EXC model, the KTM 350 EXC-F WESS features the WP XACT air fork, which has already proven its performance in many other applications in Motocross and Offroad competitions. The new fork offers a wide range of
adjustments that make the latest suspension technology available to enduro riders and fans. This is a 48mm USD air fork with separate functions for each fork leg: the damping functions are on the right side, while
the air spring is located on the left.

Created for cross bikes, it has also proven to be an excellent fork for Enduro use, in addition to the notable weight saving compared to its spring sisters, after many tests carried out on all types of Enduro routes (tape, line, single track, extreme etc.) we are able to "sew" this high-performance fork onto you.
Based on the year and origin of the fork (KTM-USQ-GAS GAS and 2T/4T), we carry out the following processes:

-stroke shortening
- personalized calibration based on your needs (weight, motorbike, type of route)

-by-pass modification: allows you to have a fork that is more sensitive to low and medium sinking speeds (based on the origin of the fork)
- internal modification of the air cartridge: allows you to maintain optimal pressures by limiting excessive progressiveness (depending on the origin of the fork)
- primary piston port replacement with dedicated calibration: allows you to have a much wider range of calibration optimization based on your needs.

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